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All children in the PPBA program must be evaluated before being placed on a team. The evaluations are simple: players are required to field a few ground balls in the infield, shag a few fly balls in the outfield, and take some swings against a pitching machine. The evaluations don't take much time, but the time spent at the evaluation is primarily determined by when your child starts the process and how many players are in front of you. 

IMPORTANT:  Players need to bring their baseball gloves and bats, wear a baseball hat and comfortable sports clothes, and (preferably) sports cleats.

This day allows the PPBA Board of Directors to evaluate each player's baseball skills and experience to help provide for a balanced allocation of players to each team. *


  • The parking lot is under construction, so arrive 10 minutes early if you have to park on the street.
  • It is crucial that the kids arrive already warmed up because there won’t be time or space to do it at the park.
  • There will be hundreds of kids trying out this weekend, so once your child is finished, they should plan on leaving the park so that we don’t have too much congestion throughout the day.

Please check the calendar below for the evaluation dates and times.


Palisades Rec Center
851 Alma Real Drive
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

We will run Evaluations like last year. Your child will be slotted for a specific time (within the defined time bracket outlined above per their age). Please arrive 10 minutes before your designated time slot to check in and ensure a smooth and efficient process. If only one specific day works for your child, please email ppbapony@gmail.com with that day, and we will do our best to accommodate. Again, specific time slot requests will not be considered, only particular days.

If you arrive late, you will be turned away and rescheduled. Please have your child warmed up and ready to perform when they arrive.




Date Evaluation Time Last First
Saturday 1/29
7:40 DiSpaltro Ronin
7:40 DiSpaltro Declan
7:45 HoAire James
7:45 Tyler Grant
7:45 Prokop Jack
8:00 Moore Jackson
8:00 Yost Maxwell
8:04 Moore Remy
8:04 Colon Griffin
8:08 Smolinisky Charlie
8:08 Johnson Carrington
8:12 Thierry Rami
8:12 Sheldon Hunter
8:16 Field Oliver
8:16 Millstein Myles
8:20 Chambers Sawyer
8:20 Levine Tyler
8:24 Curtis Thomas
8:24 Farzam Dylan
8:28 Naim Ryan
8:28 Sommers Everett
8:32 West Vanessa
8:32 Metzler Deacon
8:36 Riach Dries
8:36 Miletich Vel
8:40 Donner Duke
8:40 Wolfberg Leo
8:45 Prokop Ben
8:45 Prokop Joe
8:50 Krieser Nate
8:50 Himes George
8:55 Greenbaum Lucas
8:55 Skiba Griffin
9:00 Tosi Marcello
9:00 Wellman Quinn
9:05 Patience Andrew
9:05 Sommers Rowan
9:10 De la Rosa Ford
9:10 Sheldon Connor
9:15 Hoffman Jackson
9:15 Bachmann Christopher
9:20 Washington Ryder
9:20 Brugger Graham
9:25 Shockley Hannah
9:25 Arman Spencer
9:30 Skatoff Noah
9:30 Sampson Archer
9:35 Bergman Carter
9:35 Baskauskas River
9:40 Danhakl Teddy
9:40 Harter Dylan
9:40 Madok Andrew
9:44 Casady Boone
9:44 Viles Finnegan
9:48 Casady Ford
9:48 Thomas Charles
9:52 Moore Miles 
9:52 Goldberg Max
9:56 Konner Finn
9:56 Bendel Aaden
10:00 Jelline James
10:00 Hoek Jackson
10:04 Craft Kade
10:04 Rigsby Levi
10:08 Block William
10:08 Emanuel Zack
10:12 Kopple Max
10:12 Durkin Edward


- Make up Pony evaluations ( 13-14-year-olds as of 8/31/2022)

Saturday, January 29, starting at 10:30 am.

No specific time slots for Pony age players.


The PPBA board would like every child to have the opportunity to play baseball in our league. However, due to player safety considerations and limitations on the number of players able to be placed on each team, a minimal number of players may not be placed. If your child is not placed on a team after the player draft, you will be given a full refund, less any late charge.


*In the interest of player safety, the admission of a player to the league and his or her selection to a Division is subject to the board's absolute discretion.  


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at ppbapony@gmail.com.