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All children in the PPBA program must be evaluated before being placed on a team. The evaluations are simple: players must field a few ground balls in the infield, shag a few fly balls in the outfield, and swing against a pitching machine. The evaluations don't take much time, but the time spent at the evaluation is primarily determined by when your child starts the process and how many players are in front of you. 

IMPORTANT:  Players must bring their baseball gloves and bats, wear a baseball hat, comfortable sports clothes, and (preferably) sports cleats.

This day allows the PPBA Board of Directors to evaluate each player's baseball skills and experience to help provide for a balanced allocation of players to each team. *


 It is crucial that the kids arrive already warmed up because there won’t be time or space to do it at the park.

* There will be hundreds of kids trying out this weekend, so once your child is finished, they should plan on leaving the park so that we don’t have too much congestion throughout the day.


Please check the calendar below for the evaluation dates and times. 


Saturday, January 21, 2023, & Sunday, January 22, 2023**

Individual time slots will be emailed to everyone trying out as we get closer to the week of January 16.


Palisades Rec Center
851 Alma Real Drive
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

We will run Evaluations like last year. Your child will be slotted for a specific time (within the defined time bracket outlined above per their age). Please arrive 10 minutes before your designated time slot to check in and ensure a smooth and efficient process. If only one specific day works for your child, please email ppbapony@gmail.com with that day, and we will do our best to accommodate. Again, specific time slot requests will not be considered, only particular days.

If you arrive late, you will be turned away and rescheduled. Please have your child warmed up and ready to perform when they arrive.


**Six(6) year-olds will be evaluated on Friday, January 20th at the times below:

Friday EvalTtime Last Name First Name
4:00pm Reyna Holden
4:00pm Heckmann Grant
4:00pm Rauth Ford
4:00pm Rossi Andrew
4:10pm Large Everly
4:10pm Stuber Grey
4:10pm Gowing Benjamin
4:10pm DeGeorge Max
4:20pm Somer Teddy
4:20pm Heckmann Jackson
4:20pm Wellman Andrew
4:20pm Kirsh Maverick
4:30pm Wong Gavin
4:30pm Danhakl Caroline
4:30pm Klein Maisie
4:30pm Hahn Spencer
4:40pm Mossotti Aiden
4:40pm Ireland Evan
4:40pm Barinas Manolo
4:40pm Sandefer Ethan
4:50pm Barach Maxwell
4:50pm Harris Jake
4:50pm Gottlieb Graham
4:50pm Giannone Jayson
5:00pm Poyer Easton
5:00pm Wyatt Beau
5:00pm Nahas John
5:00pm Fernandez August
5:10pm Brown Mark James
5:10pm Hansen Ashton
5:10pm Ryan George
5:10pm Boyle Luca
5:20pm Tate Charlie
5:20pm Marquis Charlie
5:20pm Sullivan Tyler
5:20pm Chudgar Jaes
5:30pm Angelich George
5:30pm Boghosian Alec
5:30pm Schwartz Cameron
5:30pm Mendel Shepard
5:40pm Huberman Kaden
5:40pm Currie Shafer
5:50pm Singer Jacob
5:50pm Fazzolari Luca
5:50pm Kim Cain
5:50pm Nick Andrew
6:00pm Bailey Jackson
6:00pm Low Jonathan
6:00pm Quinn James
6:00pm Sisco August
6:10pm Kervin Jack
6:10pm Agramonte-Silber Miles
6:10pm Herzlinger Henry
6:10pm Holland Shep
6:20pm Dickerson Emilia
6:20pm Denham Maple
6:20pm Adelson Alden


7-12 year-olds will be evaluated Saturday and Sunday at the times below:

Saturday Time (1/21) Last Name First Name
7 / 8yrs    
7:30am Feil Will
7:30am Tyler Owen
8:00am Layton Anthony
8:00am Reyna Conor
8:00am Elbaum Brady
8:00am Rotter Milo
8:10am Martin Maddox
8:10am Underwood Bennett
8:10am Underwood Nathan
8:10am Baskauskas River
8:20am Morrow Dylan
8:20am Talt Cabe
8:20am Morici Charlie
8:20am Morrow Gavin
8:30am Hetherington Jack
8:30am House Luca
8:30am Kamdar James
8:30am Martin Mason
8:40am Scheflen Tayt
8:40am Levin Merritt
8:40am Bergman Spencer
8:40am Danhakl Teddy
8:50am Miller Logan
8:50am Noble Carter
8:50am Mahan Calvin
9:00am Soppe Isaac
9:00am Dore Tate
9:00am Bachmann Chris
9:00am Reierson Carter
9:10am Wyman Caroline
9:10am Hartunian Chase
9:10am Atwood Parker
9:10am Merrill Bradley
9:20am Lipson Beau
9:20am Beall Charlie
9:20am Zaun Wyatt
9:20am Skiba Griffin
9:30am Simon Jacob
9:30am Bowen Cole
9:30am Russell Grayson
9:30am Tate Finlay
9:40am Homayounfar Avid
9:40am Shockley Hannah
9:40am Allen London
9:40am Nariman Conner
9:50am Toplitzky Benjamin
9:50am Nariman Jaxon
9:50am Nariman Bradley
9:50am Webb Hurley
10:00am Fisher William
10:00am Stepp Jagger
10:00am Malleck Caden
10:00am Altshule Winston
10:10am Bodie Ace
10:10am McKnight Alistair
10:10am Sheeler Owen
10:10am Sandbo Stephen
10:20am Havern Halston
10:20am Lurie Fletcher
10:20am Ellis Andersson
10:20am Metzler Christine
10:30am Racanelli Nicholas
10:30am Liska Luke
10:30am Fazzolari Liam
10:30am Chidsey Ford
10:40am Thomas Beckett
10:40am Durbin Skyler
10:40am Laffer Ari
10:40am Moody Axl
10:50am Dowling Jack
10:50am Posner Matteo
10:50am Blank Jackson
10:50am Nowell Charlie
11:00am McNown George
11:00am Hartley Cameron
11:00am Hartley Walker
11:00am Fisher James
11:10am Eyraud Logan
11:10am Killian Duke
11:10am Nassi Hendrix
11:10am Cwiertnia Maxwell
11:20am Kaplan Decker
11:20am Miller Wyatt
11:20am Browning William
11:20am Riach Hugo
11:30am Garrick Cody
11:30am Kawasaki Tristan
11:30am Aylward Jack
11:30am Klass Chase
11:40am Aris Graham
11:40am Pfizenmaier Felix
11:40am Giangiacomo David
11:40am Archipley Jack
11:50am Jackson Everett
11:50am Allen Beckett
11:50am Sastre Matty
11:50am Brown Walker
12:00pm Yarosh Leo
12:00pm Kathrein William
12:00pm Heydenrich Grayson
12:00pm Homme Jackson
12:10pm Desai Kiernan
12:10pm Schiff Sam
12:10pm Schiff Grey
12:20pm West Colin
12:20pm Boulva Luke
12:20pm Brejcha Jack
12:20pm Allyn Aidan
12:30pm Landrum Bo
12:30pm Donahue Declan
12:30pm Horan Townes
12:30pm Irwin Calex
12:40pm Thakor Nicolas
12:40pm Pollak Alexander
12:40pm Chavira Felix
12:40pm Madok Andrew
12:50pm Rosen Ruby
12:50pm Johnson Theo
12:50pm Hromadka Dylan
12:50pm Jaffe Charlie
1:00pm Rudin James
1:00pm Thomas Owen
1:00pm Tendle Liam
1:00pm Sudack Ryan
1:10pm Oles Sawyer
1:10pm Nakamura Lucas
1:10pm MacInnes Phoenix
1:20pm Reynolds Hunter
1:20pm Mallen Greyson
1:20pm Luk David
1:20pm Nakamura Ben
1:30pm Landry Charles
1:30pm Uyeda Landon
1:30pm Bierman Aiden
9 / 10yr    
1:50pm McGinn Perrish
1:50pm Foster Samuel
1:50pm Tucker Hudson
1:50pm Wyman Henry
2:00pm Geraty Sean
2:00pm Montminy Ethan
2:00pm Ungerleider Isaac
2:10pm Gimelstob Brandon
2:10pm Goodman Benji
2:10pm Wald Ryder
2:10pm Jaret Jake
2:20pm Whalen Kellen
2:20pm Badt Foster
2:20pm Yost Maxwell
2:20pm Hoffman Wil
2:30pm Scheflen Rhys
2:30pm Graeber Byron
2:30pm Samulon Abel
2:30pm Stuber Brooks
2:40pm Johnson Luke
2:40pm Binder Ryan
2:40pm Mastantuono Dashiell
2:50pm Blanchard Harrison
2:50pm Desai Aivan
2:50pm Doskow Silas
2:50pm Doskow Wyatt
3:00pm Himes George
3:00pm Hartunian Dylan
3:00pm Bowen Rhett
3:10pm Webb Brody
3:10pm Matkins Dayton
3:10pm Lavia Gray
3:10pm Miles Zephyr
3:20pm Schiff Eloise
3:20pm Rossi Henry
3:20pm Lipp Sophie
3:20pm Tosi Marcello
3:30pm Shamonki Alexander
3:30pm Clark Case
3:30pm McKillop Mac
3:40pm Abbott Clark
3:40pm Kavayiotidis Theo
3:40pm Wingfield Frankie
3:40pm Reynolds Christian
3:50pm Epstein Grey
3:50pm DeGeorge Henry
3:50pm Irwin Milo
4:00pm Waters Jack
4:00pm West Connor
4:00pm Beishline Bennett
4:00pm Gunsagar Dhilan
4:10pm Levine Tyler
4:10pm Chang Oliver
4:10pm Jetley Soham
4:10pm Chambers Sawyer
4:20pm Peterson Teddy
4:20pm Metzler Deacon
4:20pm Racanelli Tyler
4:20pm Sacks Nicole
4:30pm Garcia Henry
4:30pm Merrill Sam
4:30pm Ford Michael
4:30pm Thomas Andrew
4:40pm Taffler Orion
4:40pm Bigger E J
4:40pm Shepherd Wesley
4:40pm Taniguchi Oliver
4:50pm Strike Oliver
4:50pm Schneeman Johnny
4:50pm Owens Ryan
4:50pm Nassour Parker
5:00pm Davis Benjamin
5:00pm Davidov Alexander
5:00pm Silver James
5:00pm Nathan Cash
5:10pm Pokrywka Jackson
5:10pm Robinson Jack
5:10pm Lurie Mack
5:10pm Townsend Blake
5:20pm Stepp Jett
5:20pm Lemen Parker
5:20pm Jenks Zeno
5:30pm Weisman Lucas
5:30pm Sheldon Connor
5:30pm Freeman Nathaniel
11 / 12yr    
5:40pm Sheldon Hunter
5:40pm Scheflen Wiley
5:40pm Hall Grayson
Sunday Time (1/22) Last Name First Name
11/ 12yr    
8:00am Nassour Colton
8:00am Goldstein Dylan
8:00am Goldstein Gabriel
8:00am Glaser Joshua
8:10am Holscher James
8:10am HoAire James
8:10am Tyler Grant
8:10am Feil Jack
8:20am Grossman Derek
8:20am House Beckett
8:20am Dunn Marlon
8:20am DeGeorge Rocco
8:30am Kamdar Liam
8:30am Stacknick Connor
8:30am Jelline James
8:30am Gallagher Flynn
8:40am Freeman Ryan
8:40am Ehrman Maxwell
8:40am Knapp Schwarzenegger Mario
8:40am Pynes Asher
8:50am Johnson Walker
8:50am DeMartini Christian
8:50am Mitchell Jackson
8:50am Reyna Russell
9:00am Clark Colt
9:00am Longo Dominic
9:00am Rosen Malakai
9:00am Jennison Tate
9:10am Hoek Jackson
9:10am Harding Chase
9:10am Murphy Jayce
9:10am Smolinisky Charlie
9:20am Bellamy Bingham
9:20am Sacks Lucas
9:20am Thakor Jay
9:20am Colon Griffin
9:30am Reierson William
9:30am Binder Max
9:30am Roberts Judah
9:30am Widhelm Oliver
9:40am Erwin Nikki
9:40am Emanuel Zack
9:40am Klein Sam
9:40am Rood Sebastian
9:50am Dreifort Ethan
9:50am Wingfield Alexander
9:50am Unger Shiloh
10:00am Marz Leo
10:00am Mastantuono Milo
10:00am Stepanian Nick
10:10am Vo Skylar
10:10am Donahue Isabella
10:10am Barrett Elijah
10:10am Farag Isaac
10:20am Rowen Dashiel
10:20am Jacobson Drew
10:20am Del Colliano Vincenzo
10:20am Tate James Everett
10:30am Liska Cameron
10:30am Fitzgerald Keagan
10:30am Millstein Myles
10:30am Schrobilgen Brandyn
10:40am Gaunt Gus
10:40am Chidsey Knox
10:40am Phillips Spencer
10:40am Tyler Nash
10:50am Green Shia
10:50am Misher Beckett
10:50am Field Oliver
10:50am Sarigianides Thales
11:00am Wrobel Jagger
11:00am Ahumada Joel
7 / 8yr    
11:10am Mehring Noah
11:10am Simpson Peter
11:10am Janneck Henry
11:10am Stevens Rex
11:20am Greenwood Vaughn
11:20am Somer Everett
11:20am Layfield Ryan
11:30am Flowers Dalton
11:30am Miller Bodie
11:30am Babrick William
11:40am DuFour William
11:40am Peterson Charles
11:40am Walsh Brennan
9 / 10yr    
11:50am Murphy Cy
11:50am Wang River
11:50am Wagner Max
11:50am Schwarzman William
12:00pm Loffredo Dante
12:00pm Laurie Jackson
12:00pm Stevens Will
12:00pm Roozen Luke
12:10pm Schwartz Samuel
12:10pm Schaffer Dylan
12:10pm Pickart Dylan
12:10pm Hagy Reven
12:20pm Sullivan Connor
12:20pm Dixton Cooper
12:20pm Nedelkovski Greysen
12:20pm Stein James
12:30pm Ratner Leo
12:30pm Murphy Flynn
12:30pm Perez Logan
12:30pm Wolfberg Leo
12:40pm Mahan Lincoln
12:40pm Gutierrez Milo
12:40pm Hunt Owen
12:40pm Lyon Spencer
12:50pm Greenbaum Lucas
12:50pm Gruft Daniel
12:50pm Hawkins Lucca
12:50pm Arman Spencer
1:00pm Gottlieb Elliot
1:00pm Phillips Holden
1:00pm Johnson Alec
1:00pm Currie Crawford
1:10pm Campbell Stowe
1:10pm McNellis-Barrutia Lucas
1:10pm von Holzhausen Alexander
1:10pm Rowen Wilder
1:20pm Konstant Emmet
1:20pm Vo Xavier
1:20pm Armistead Will
1:30pm Marti Sebastian
1:30pm Groening Nathaniel
1:30pm Purdy Finn
1:40pm Pismenny Jake
1:40pm Hild Theodore
1:40pm Marshall Jackson
1:40pm Ehrman Arlo
1:50pm Roberts TItus
1:50pm Fohrer Henry
1:50pm Kloke Leroy
1:50pm Denham Teddy
2:00pm Sarn Ellis
2:00pm Cobert Nicholas
2:00pm Erwin Ashlan
2:00pm Sampson Archer
2:10pm Manda Malcolm
2:10pm Washington Ryder
2:10pm Austin Caleb
2:10pm Machol Jack
2:20pm Donner Duke
2:20pm Copenhaver Henry
2:20pm Tontonoz Elliot
2:20pm Miller Ellis
2:30pm Donnelly Ethan
2:30pm Alpert Ellis
2:30pm Wi Elijah
2:40pm Sklar Luke
2:40pm Babrick Andrew
2:40pm Armm Leaf
2:40pm Srinivasan Arjun


**Make-up evaluations will be held on Wednesday,January 25th at the times below:

7 / 8yr    
4:00pm Bernet Owen
4:00pm Krieser Nate
4:00pm Bergman Carter
4:00pm Nariman Jaxon
4:10pm Bodie Ace
4:10pm Blank Jackson
4:10pm West Colin
4:10pm MacInnes Phoenix
4:10pm Hill Ford
9 / 10yr    
4:20pm  Hill William
4:20pm  Badt Foster
4:20pm  Milinovich Blake
4:20pm  Haynie Zack
4:30pm Jackson Keller
4:30pm Davis Dylan
4:30pm Drubner Ozzy
4:30pm Waters Jack
4:40pm Saturn Alec
4:40pm Washington Ryder
4:40pm Donnelly Ethan
4:40pm Wachs Aden
4:50pm Di Spaltro Ronan
4:50pm Moore Jackson
4:50pm Moore Remy
4:50pm Prokop Ben
4:50pm Prokop Joe
11 / 12yr    
5:00pm Prokop Jack
5:00pm Moore Miles
5:00pm Noble Lucas 
5:00pm Hill Henry
5:10pm Di Spaltro Declan
5:10pm Freeman Ryan
5:10pm Rosen Malakai
5:20pm Green Shia
5:20pm Sarigianides Thales
5:20pm Wrobel Jagger


The PPBA board would like every child to have the opportunity to play baseball in our league. However, due to player safety considerations and limitations on the number of players able to be placed on each team, a minimal number of players may not be placed. If your child is not placed on a team after the player draft, you will be given a full refund, less any late charge.

*In the interest of player safety, the admission of a player to the league and his or her selection to a Division is subject to the board's absolute discretion.  

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at ppbapony@gmail.com.