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Welcome to the Bat and Grill run by Board Members Dan Johnson and Tim McCaffrey and the PPBA member organizations families each weekend.  The B&G is a very important fund raiser for the PPBA so please make sure you visit us often and bring your friends.   Click on the 'schedule' link to the left to see your organizations schedule for B&G



Team #1 : The Opening Act – 2-3 volunteers (8:30 -10:30)
1)                  Pick up coffee at Coffee Tea & Bean – it’s is pre-paid
2)                  Pick up donuts at Palisades Garden CafĂ© – prepaid
3)                  Set up coffee & donuts on small table (with table cloth) : napkins and coffee supplies in containers behind the door of Bat & Grill
4)                  Set up picnic tables with table clothes – affix table cloths with clamps
5)                  Set up umbrellas, and if sunny, sun shades above entrance and small table
6)                  At 9:15-9:30, make rounds with remaining coffee, donuts, popcorn & peanuts using trolley in B&G (great job for player volunteers)
7)                  Make sure refrigerator is fully stocked with beverages
8)                  At around 10:00, prepare condiments/fixings for bar b que – fixings in fridge, condiments on shelves, as are containers
9)                  At 10:15 fire up at least one grill by depressing black dial for 5 seconds
10)              Prepare for post-Pinto game rush at around 10:30 by getting grill fully loaded – use metal container/upper rack of grill to pre-cook some food approximately 75% done
PPBA Bat & Grill
Operating Instructions
Team #2 : The Main Event – 4-5 volunteers (10:30-1:00)
1)                  Confirm that fixings table is completely stocked – please use labeled containers for buns, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sauerkraut & relish
2)                  Grillers : take over for Team #1, keep several chicken breasts pre-cooked and try to keep an ample supply of burgers ready – patrons come in bunches
3)                  Counter volunteers : patrons to pay in advance. Volunteers write orders on the bottom of the plates (burgers/chicken) & paper boats (hot dogs) & instruct patrons to retrieve their own buns/rolls from fixings table
4)                  Restock beverages in fridge as needed – use drop down freezer to accelerate process
  • Monitor progress of games to anticipate customer flow. Pinto games finish 10:30, Bronco games ~11:00.
  • Periodically patrol picnic area and watch trash bins and replace liners when full (put full bags in large trash containers near diamond #3)
  • Please encourage patrons to use recycle can for aluminum cans and bottles
Team #3 : The Back Stretch – 3-4 volunteers [1:00-3:30]
1)                  Be prepared for post Mustang crowd around 2 pm, see above instructions
Tear Down
  • Shut down grills around 3:15
  • Clean grill surfaces and shut off gas valve
  • Clean up picnic area– all perishables, including chocolate candy, go in fridge
  • Clean all surfaces with sponges (behind door), sweep inside of Bat & Grill, collapse umbrellas, picnic tables and awnings and place inside B&G
  • If David Kahn or Hugh Dodson are not present, leave cash in cash box, turn off lights and lock door.



PPBA Bat & Grill
Organizational Guidelines
·        Each organization needs at least 10 volunteers
·        A Bat & Grill Coordinator for each organization is strongly encouraged
·        3 Shifts:
o       8:30 – 10:30 : 2-3 volunteers
o       10:30 – 1:00 : 4-5 volunteers
o       1:00-3:30 : 3-4 volunteers
·        Bat & Grill Coordinator responsibilities
o       Coordinate with teams to identify volunteers and establish shift schedule
o       Contact Joe Collins or Mike Bennett to coordinate opening and closing and pick up of coffee and donuts
o       Oversee volunteer shifts
o       Assist volunteers with restocking perishables during the day
Other helpful tips:
1.     The Bat & Grill is generally fully stocked – check shelves and storage behind door for needed items. Containers and storage areas are labeled.
2.     Children often want to help, but too many in the Bat & Grill can be a nuisance – no more than 2 kids inside at any time. Use kids to make the rounds with the aluminum cart.
3.     Use drop down freezer to chill drinks – fridges do not hold enough beverages to supply our patrons on Saturdays
4.     On warm Saturdays, keep the chocolate candy in the fridges to avoid melting
5.     Alert grillers to pre-cook several pieces of chicken – they take much longer to cook that the burgers/dogs

Please try to keep the Bat & Grill and surrounding picnic area as clean as possible – garbage needs to be removed several times during the day and can be placed in the large garbage drums that surround the park.